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ALEXANDER ZERINNI by Alexandru Ciocan

Alexander Zerinni was founded in the year 2015 by shoes designer Alexandru Ciocan, with the idea of creating a vulcanized handmade luxury shoes brand with a high percentage natural rubber sole which is both lightweight and flexible so that breaking in sides will not occur. The vulcanized shoe offers much more comfort than the cemented shoe due to the flexibility of the natural rubber sole. The process consists of vulcanizing natural rubber by warming it to 140̊C. The result is rubber which has superior mechanical qualities and retains its elasticity.


The brand name derives from the designer’s name "Alexandru" and the word "Zerinni" which derives from "Zerin", a name that contains within an intense emotional power that could drive you to put forth great effort to accomplish anything. The brand label design is inspired by the famous masque carnival in Venice, Italy.


Alexander Zerinni shoes are handcrafted in a factory with more than 30 years of experience in shoe manufacturing. The sole of our shoes is unique due to its 80% natural rubber sole which was previously designed and previously used to manufacture boots for the Nato. The vulcanized rubber sole has been designed to be slip-resistant and its high percentage of natural rubber provides great flexibility. The soft EVA insole is shock-absorbent and provides the highest of comfort to the feet. 


The shape of the shoes was designed in Italy to be ergonomic, foot-friendly, fashionable and form-fitting to everyone. As nowadays people walk more and driving is becoming less and less popular, shoes comfortability is of much importance. Therefore, great attention has been paid to the study of the points of pressure in order to achieve good ergonomic design and provide the necessary support to the feet.


The upper materials imported from Italy and Spain are of the highest quality. The softness of the full-grain Italian bovine nappa leather and natural cow lining offers great comfortability, flexibility, support to the feet and stunning look. The quality of the materials is guaranteed by the long successful history in leather manufacturing of suppliers.



2015 – Founding of Alexander Zerinni

2016 – Presenting our first shoes collection in Fashion World Tokyo Spring and Summer.

2017 – Alexander Zerinni shoes were introduced in shops in Tokyo and online shop from Osaka.

2017 – Presenting Autumn – Winter 2018 collection in IFF Magic Tokyo.

2017 – Introducing online shop with express delivery in more than 200 countries.

2018 – Alexander Zerinni shoes were introduced in shops in Hiroshima.

2018 – Alexander Zerinni shoes were introduced in shops in Seoul through collaboration with Korean System Homme apparel brand.